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Clear out negative energy and bring in positivity and peace.

Inspired By Passion for positive change
“After the property clearing a Sanctifying Ritual will invoke the Spirits of the Land and Home to bring calm.”
Clients tell me they can feel a real difference in their home after an energy clearing session, and that their guests or family members even comment on it without knowing what has taken place.
John Akayzar
Transformative Energy Specialist and Karmic Reader
About john and his work

raising energy one home at a time

John Akayzar is a Transformative Energy Specialist and Karmic Reader based in East Sussex, UK and has been clearing energy for clients and their property for over twenty years. John works remotely, with individuals, families and businesses in the UK, US and around the world to energetically clear and rebalance their homes and spaces.

If you’re someone who acknowledges the existence of a spirit world but feels uncertain or uninformed about its workings, you’re not alone. In embarking on the path of energetic house clearing, you become aware how the ethereal meets the everyday and the seen and unseen intertwine. The goal is about more than just removing negative energy; it’s about gaining the reassurance that the sanctuary you call home remains an uplifting haven that emanates love, calmness, and protection—a place where you can thrive.

Just as we enhance our physical spaces, it is equally vital to tend to the energetic integrity, ‘health’ and well-being of our homes and workspaces. If you’ve ever wondered if unseen energies linger, affecting the very essence of your Sanctuary space, then energetic house clearings can offer a viable remedy on many levels.

John also works as a Karmic Reader, helping clients to understand their Karmic Contracts. You can read more about this at

what do you need?

services can be Tailored To Suit Your needs

  • Tuning into potential homes to see what the energies are like in the property and beneath.
  • Assessing properties that are not selling for estate agents.
  • Checking plots of land for architects and building developers.
  • Land clearings.
  • Office clearings.
  • Battlefields.
  • Cemeteries.

What information needs to be provided?

  • The full postal address.
  • Detailed sketches of floor plans of all levels including cellar and attic.
  • Locations of all mirrors and reflective surfaces,
    water tanks, overhead electrical power lines, to be marked on the floor plans.
  • Photographs of all Icons, masks, ritual objects
    etc, and their locations.
  • Any anecdotal or factual reports of disturbances, sightings, or object movements.
  • Any known deaths within or on the property since it was built.
  • Any old newspaper reports of disturbances or violence on the property since it was built.
  • Any historical information of the area prior to the building of the property, ancient maps etc, especially if there were any battles or violence in the area.

What is included in the full process of clearing a property?

  • Checking the areas, within a 1-mile radius, for Cemeteries, Prisons, Hospitals, Police stations, military bases, Salvage dumps,
    refuse dumps, Sewage works.
  • Checking historical influences, like Sacred Grounds, battlefields, places of incarceration and execution.
  • Removal of Disincarnate Souls to the Light.
  • Removal of Negative ‘energy forms’* embedded in the brickwork or infrastructure. Also, in furniture and items of personal
    wearing like jewellery and watches.
  • Removal of negative Ritual energy and curses from Icons, masks, carvings, and sculptures etc.
  • Clearing and protecting mirrors and highly reflective surfaces that can act as Portals for unwanted Spirits** and thought forms etc.
  • New builds: clearing negative energy from materials, and where they were resourced from, and where they were manufactured, and of the contractors who built the property.
  • Property protection from further disturbance by placing of permanent Protections in all directions and above and below the whole property, and grounds. This shields the property and all occupants from any form of unwanted energies, thought forms or Spirits.
  • A Sanctifying Ritual is performed.

*the term ENERGY FORM describes any strong and or repetitive thoughts, emotions of physical disturbances, generated by the
human consciousness of previous occupants; within the dwelling, furniture, or in the internal renovation and reconstruction by
non-members of the family.

**the term refers to any disincarnate Spirit / Soul that has not moved over to the Spirit World after leaving the physical body.



Depending on property size and the energies involved fees range from £200 to £1500.  A fixed quotation will be supplied prior to committing to a clearing.


clients experience

"John has done energy clearing work on our house and garden in person on several occasions. He is highly in tune to energy and always works with positive intent. He completes his work with professionalism, integrity, and sensitivity to the environment and people he works with. John has been easy to contact for urgent help, acts with compassion, and always checks in afterwards to ensure the space feels clear to those using it. John's work has made a palpable difference to our home and I highly recommend him to anyone wanting house clearings".
S.B. Uk
“John was highly recommended to me by a friend after she had a clearing performed on her home. After he did a clearing on our home we felt a real difference in the mood in the house. When the children came home later in the day, comments were made about how nice it felt - we hadn't told them that anything was being done! Everyone feels the different energy and is calmer as a result. Our cat is very much more relaxed now as well. We are so impressed and can't thank John enough for his work.”
"My first house clearing with John was in London after buying a house and having to deal with a very difficult neighbour. After the clearing things settled down and we lived peacefully in the house for 10 years. When we relocated and purchased a house in the USA I didn’t hesitate to do a clearing on the land and the house before purchasing, renovating, and moving in. There was so much history and we were able to move in feeling safe and ready to create our new home".
J.M. new York USA
"I felt an incredible difference in my home after John did a clearing on it. The most remarkable thing though was the change in me...I felt so much lighter and more positive. I am in shock actually at what a difference it has made not just to the atmosphere in my home, but to how I feel in general".
R.b. UK
"John skilfully cleared our family house in San Diego of a heavy black magic curse that was placed by a hateful ex-wife of my husband.  The house was empty when the curse was placed right before I intended to arrive, but thankfully multiple signals signals alerted me that something bad had happened. The head of a cat was found on the front porch, and the alarms of the house were going off.   I contacted John for help, and he was incredibly professional, communicative, and compassionate with me.  It was a stressful and urgent situation since I was flying there with my children in less than two days, and would not want to bring them into a bad situation. John was quickly able to determine the source of the issue remotely (he resides in UK) but this is not an issue given his level of skill to do this remotely for me in San Diego, CA USA.  I simply provided him the address of my home, and he tuned in and was able to quickly determine that a black magic curse was placed on the house which was intended to harm the home and family upon our arrival.  John explained that he would be able to clear it remotely, and that he would alert me when it was finished which took less than one day.  When he finished the clearing, he calmly and confidently explained to me that it was now safe to bring my children there, and that the curse was fully reversed.  As a side note, I am also connected to Yogi in India who has provided powerful meditative insights for me while I've been navigating a difficult family situation.  The Yogi informed me that John's work was 100% successful, and commended him on his good work. Lastly, while I am not an intuitive myself, my two (young) children are blessed to see auras and energies.   When we arrived to the house, they could see a big "patch of rainbow" energy at the front porch where the curse and the dead cat were.  They also knew everything was fine.  I'll be forever grateful to John for protecting us and clearing the curse, and I highly recommend him for anyone who needs help investigating and clearing homes that feel off".
A.L. San Francisco USA

If you have any questions or would like to hire John to perform an energy clearing on your property, please fill in the contact form and he will be in touch with you as soon as possible.